IPTime software is available in English, Arabic, French & Russian.
Q Why biometrics system is gaining popularity worldwide?

Biometrics technology utilizes body parts, which are unique to human beings such as fingerprint, iris, palm, retina, etc. Having a unique identity makes biometrics system a more secured system, as duplication of the body parts is almost impossible. Biometrics system has been applied in the government sectors such as in immigration department and registration department. In private sectors, biometrics technology has been applied in banking, construction etc. Biometrics technology particularly fingerprint technology is the most popular in the commercial biometrics market.

Q What are the advantages of having fingerprint time attendance and access control system?
A Fingerprint system eliminates “buddy punching” occurrences in time attendances, which have caused companies millions of dollar yearly. Fingerprint system promotes “You are You” concept and this system reduces tardiness and indiscipline amongst employees. The fingerprint system also prevents unauthorized individuals to enter your premise without permission.
Q What are the advantages of choosing IPBio™ products?
A IPBio™ are quality fingerprint products that utilize superior algorithm and technology. We value technology and user-friendliness. Hence, we provide readily available aids to our customers such as manuals and video guides for their ease of use. IPBio™ products are also competitively priced with 12-month warranty and great support.
Q How to become a reseller for IPBio™ products?

Kindly contact uk@ip-bio.com for product and pricing information.

Q Where to get the supplies of IPBio™ products?
A We have three distribution centers, which are located in the UK, UAE and Malta, and distribution channels worldwide. Email to us at uk@ip-bio.com your requirement and do not forget to state your location, and we will get back to you the soonest possible.
Q How to switch on readers that do not have ON/OFF button?

For IP-O2 and IP-RF, please connect the reader to the power supply to switch on/off.
For IP-T2, the on/off button is “0”. Press & hold the “0” button for 3 seconds to switch on/off the reader.

Q How to solve fail connection between reader and PC?
A Make sure all the cables are right and connected properly. Check the communication settings in Menu > Option > Comm. Opt.For TCP/IP connection: Check on IP address. Default IP address is If the host IP address is 192.168.1.X, this IP can be used. If different, please change the IP address to suit to your region. Refer to the hardware manual  (link to manual) for more information.
Q What is 1:1 and 1:N?
A 1: 1 or one-to-one verification requires a user to input ID to call up the template before a fingerprint is matched. 1:N or one-to-many does not require any input of ID, a user just needs to place his fingerprint on the scanner and the reader will search the matching template in the reader’s memory.
Q What other verification methods available if a user cannot use fingerprint?

IPBio™ products are offering RFID cards, password and PIN besides fingerprint. Kindly contact uk@ip-bio.com for more information about the models available.

Q How to solve “Admin Affirm” problem?
A Admin Affirm will only be shown if an administrator has been enrolled into the system. Contact your administrator for any enquiry on enrollment and verifications. If the administrator(s) has resigned, please contact support@ip-bio.com for assistance.
Q In case of power failure, would the data be safely kept?
A All transaction data in the reader is safe because all the information is stored in the memory of the reader. This information can only be deleted by using software or it can be manually purged in Advance Option.
Q What are the formats to save attendance data?

Attendance data can be saved in XLS (MS Excel), .DOC (MS Word), RTF, PDF, JPG & HTM formats.

Q What could be done if the reader has problem recognizing certain fingerprint?
  • Make sure the finger is not too dry or too wet and the center points are placed in the middle of the scanner
  • Check that the correct fingerprint template is transferred to the correct reader
  • Check the location of the reader installation. Avoid areas that are exposed with too much light, as it would interfere with the reading of the scanner.
  • Reenroll the user affected
  • If all attempts failed, recommend the user to use other verification methods.
Q Why does the alarm go off every time fingerprint is scanned?
A The fingerprint used has been enrolled as duress finger. Please use other fingerprint.
Q How to solve the problem of duplicate finger?
A “Duplicate finger” message will only appear if the fingerprint template of the finger you attempt to enroll is already present in the reader. Please choose other fingerprint or use the finger enrolled.
Q What to do when “Clock is full” message appears?
A The voice is an indication that the transaction storage of the reader is full. Please download all transaction data using the software provided or you can manually purge the data in Advance Option > Del Attg Log
Q How many readers can be linked to IPTime software?

IPTime Software can sustain 99 readers at a time.

Q Is it important for me to press IN or OUT button everytime I want to use IPBio™ reader?
A No. The software will capture the times and put them in appropriate slots in the software.
Q Can data from IPTime be exported to any third party payroll software?
A Yes. IPTime allows exportation of data to third party payroll software but the format and priority need to be adjusted in the Export Attendance Records windows to get the data required correctly.
Q How to recover data lost?
A Click on System Configuration in the software and click on “Rebuild Database Indexes”.
Q Do I have to install multiple softwares in multiple readers’ installation
A No. For installation of many readers, only one software installation is required. Please go to IPBio™ Terminal windows to add readers to the software. Make sure that the PC and the reader is connected and the Serial Number/Activation Code/ Product Key of the reader match.
Q In multiple readers’ installation, how to know from which terminals were the time captured?
A The information can be viewed from Terminal Transaction Listing Report.
For enquiries on sales and information, kindly email to uk@ip-bio.com
For technical support, address your email to support@ipbio.com